[M] Kernel Challenge

The original [M] game was created with the following requirements:

  • The game must be finite, non-trivial, and deterministic
  • The game must be simple enough to code on a non-networked mobile device with a simple text editor, and cannot utilize non-procedurally generated assets
  • The code cannot be compiled

The result was a compelling new game. The prototype, Version 0, came in at just under 32K of poorly written, and often cannibalized, javascript.   (The prototype was written by [M]’s creator, not Suski, who is currently architecting and implementing the first generation of [M] AIs with the goal of using the fewest lines of code, and no doubt would have produced significantly more compact software;)

The current challenge is to recode the game in the most efficient manner possible, under the two remaining conditions. Permanent recognition will be granted for the developer of each subsequent [M] version requiring less volume than the smallest previous version.

Although we’re interested to see how optimally the game can be rendered using high-level languages, special recognition will be given for native, machine language.

The [M] Game Challenge is appropriate for middle-school and up.