What We Do

Combinatorial Game Design: Combinatorial games are one of the most fundamental types of games, minimizing rules and elements to produce maximum variation. Combinatorial methods can be employed to create new games and to strengthen any type of game with minimum expenditure of resources. Economic games a specialty.

Adaptive Game AI: We strive to build not just strong, but satisfying AI.  Our emphasis is on quality of experience for the human participant, tailoring play to skill and providing variation in replay.

Applied Semiotics: The application of metaphors to logical constructs and mathematical properties and functions is fundamental aspect of game design.  Semiotic techniques can be applied to machine intelligence in the form of interpretation of data.  Linguistic optimization is useful in many areas of game manufacture and marketing, particularly in a mobile computing era where time and space are at a premium—the ability to efficiently convey information can have a tangible effect on both player retention and acquisition.

Fundamental Combinatronics is please to announce the launch of the [M]game Project in conjunction with MClass Games.

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